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Cases Before the Court of Common Pleas

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What You Should Know About Being Sued in Pennsylvania There are three main ways to find yourself as a defendant in the Court of Common Pleas (“CCP”):  1) a case was appealed from a Magisterial District Justice (“MDJ”) to the CCP; 2) a plaintiff had to file the case in CCP because the amount of [...]

Cases Before a Magisterial District Justice

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What You Should Know About Being Sued in Pennsylvania Generally, if you are alleged to owe $12,000 or less (exclusive of interest and costs) you may be sued before a Magisterial District Justice (MDJ).  MDJs are elected judges that serve a local community and handle the early procedures in a criminal cases and civil lawsuits [...]

Annuities Are Partially Protected Against Creditor Garnishment in New Jersey

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New Jersey Annuities Receive Some Protection Against Garnishment

Annuity Principal and Annuity Payments Enjoy Limited Protection Against Creditor GarnishmentNew Jersey law (N.J.S.A. § 17B:24-7) states that annuity principal and annuity payments are not only exempt from "execution, garnishment, attachment, sequestration or other legal process" but also that no creditors are "allowed to interfere with or terminate the [annuity] contract."  However, there are two [...]

New Jersey Debt Collector Drops $43,386 Suit at Trial

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Asset Acceptance Digs Deep for Junk Debts

First National Acceptance Co., LLC, (FNAC), a New Jersey debt collector represented by attorneys for Hayt, Hayt & Landau, LLC (HHL), suddenly dropped its $43,386.32 lawsuit over an alleged consumer debt at trial on the record in the Superior Court of New Jersey.  The lawsuit alleged that FNAC, a debt buyer of old defaulted consumer [...]

A Perspective on Hayt, Hayt & Landau

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You May Keep Your Car in Bankruptcy

Hayt, Hayt & Landau is a New Jersey debt collection law firm with an office in Philadelphia. Despite many other sources on the internet claiming otherwise, its dunning letters and especially its lawsuits should be taken very seriously. It is a “real law firm” despite many erroneous websites claiming otherwise. The collection law firm is [...]

State-Court Debt Defense

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Defaulted student loans to be collected

When a consumer is unable to repay a debt such as a credit card, he or she will find that many creditors, debt collectors, and junk debt buyers will not work with them.  Even though the consumer wants to repay his or her debt, an affordable repayment plan is seldom offered.  Instead, the consumer is [...]