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Discover Bank May Not Be Able to Sue PA Consumers Who Defaulted More than 3 Years Ago

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the Fastest Way to a Fresh Start

Today, our client won a decisive FDCPA victory against Stock & Grimes, LLP and, indirectly, against Discover Bank.  Our client alleged that Discover Bank through its debt collection law firm, Stock & Grimes, sued her in Pennsylvania after the expiration of Delaware’s 3-year statute of limitations.  Her opponents predictably, and “not surprisingly” according the Court, [...]

Consumer Sues Cawley & Bergmann, LLP for Violative Collection Calls

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Credit Cards Cause Financial Problems

A New Jersey man sued Cawley & Bergmann, LLP, a New York debt collector, and he alleged it violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).  His New Jersey federal court Complaint alleged that Cawley & Bergmann's agents recorded numerous debt collection voicemails without disclosures required by the FDCPA.  He is asking that the court [...]

Nevada Law Firm Vohwinkel, Sullo & Associates, LLC Sticks its Nose into New Jersey; Consumer Bites It.

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Defaulted student loans to be collected

Vohwinkel, Sullo & Associates, LLC of Nevada on behalf of its client, Crown Financial Group, Inc. of Florida is alleged to have mailed a threatening debt collection letter to a New Jersey consumer according to a federal lawsuit she filed.  She alleged that not only did the debt collection letter fail to comply with the [...]

Asset Acceptance Alleged to Be Responsible for the Egregious Debt Collection Acts of PARC

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Nast Debt Collectors Make Financial Problems Worse

A civilian defense contractor dependent on her continued security clearances was subjected to abusive debt collection by Premium Asset Recovery Corporation (PARC) and false credit reporting, a federal lawsuit alleges.  PARC alleged the defense contractor owed a mistaken sum of money to a hospital that should have been paid by her employer’s workers compensation policy.  [...]