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Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Inaccurate Credit Reporting Destroys More than Just Credit

The FCRA is a powerful federal law intended to empower consumers against unfair credit reporting practices of credit reporting agencies and creditors.  Each year thousands and thousands of consumers are denied credit, experience adverse credit actions, are offered credit on less-than-prime terms, are denied employment, and experience many other disadvantages because credit reporting agencies refuse to correct inaccurate consumer credit reports.  We are experienced in bringing credit reporting agencies to court to force them to correct inaccurate and misleading consumer credit reports under the FCRA. The FCRA requires credit reporting agencies to pay the attorney’s fees and costs of our pursuits so that consumers are not asked to pay any upfront attorney’s fees or costs for our professional services.  We are very interested in learning about your FCRA claims.  Please contact us right away for a free consultation about your valuable FCRA rights.

To access your free annual credit report, you can visit  Any other website will not provide your truly-free, once per year free credit report.  If you do not want to access your credit reports online, you can complete this form and mail it to the address indicated to receive your free annual credit reports by mail.  Free Annual Credit Report Request Form Make sure you exactly follow the directions for your free reports by mail.

Trigger the FCRA with a Credit Reporting Dispute Letter

The FCRA Ensures Accurate Credit Reports

The FCRA Ensures Accurate Credit Reports

No matter how badly, how wrong, or how inaccurate or misleading your credit report, you have no effective rights until you have filed a properly-written dispute letter with the credit reporting agencies demanding a reinvestigation of your credit report.  Only at that time, after you have filed a proper dispute, do you effectively have consumer rights.  The below sample credit reporting dispute letter will help you assert your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Sample Credit Reporting Dispute Letter – FCRA

Learn More about the FCRA



If you are having a credit reporting problem, please contact us for no-obligation legal assistance to enforce the FCRA.

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