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Sex as Payment Demanded by Debt Collector

– Posted in: consumer news


When a woman can’t pay her bills, she should offer her body as payment demands a debt collector.

ABC-24 of Memphis, Tennessee reports that a debt collector would accept sex in exchange for paying a consumer debt.  The victimized debtor, Mia Dodson, claims she has a telephone voicemail recorded by an employee of the DCA Law Firm attempting to collect a debt.  The first problem is that she does not owe the debt, says Dodson.  The debt collector tried to collect for several years, she says, but after no success one of its agents finally demanded sex in lieu of payment.  Hearing her voicemail, the debt collector coolly stated:

If you cannot pay back with money, you can pay back with your body.  That is what I am expecting from you.  My room is open 24/7 anytime.  I’ll be waiting for your call.  Let’s have a wonderful night.

The male debt collector then left his number and a cell number for Dodson to call and deliver.  “Never in my life had I heard anything like that before,” Dodson told ABC-24.

She has hired an attorney, and he is expected to prosecute DCA Law Firm under applicable laws.  One of them might be the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

The FDCPA prohibits debt collectors from harassing, abusing, or oppressing consumers alleged to owe a debt.  While the FDCPA does not specifically outlaw the solicitation of sex for value (in itself a crime), some sections are broad enough to prohibit this kind of behavior.  Even some debt collectors would agree that DCA Law Firm’s alleged actions clearly cross a line.  However, when not collecting debts, most debt collectors are trying to weaken the FDCPA, not strengthen it.

However, if the FDCPA, passed in 1978, was too strong, debt collectors wouldn’t consider soliciting sex as payment in 2011.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey consumers who believe their fair debt collection rights have been violated are invited to click here for a no-obligation assessment of their consumer law matter.

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  • Anonymous

     It does seem like a lot of the jerks migrate toward debt collection, doesn’t it? Then again, I guess you have to have that kind of personality to harass people all day long. I sincerely hope this guy gets jail time.

  • Jamie

    That is just plain disgusting, is what that is.  Unbelievable nerve of that jerk!  I do hope criminal charges can be brought in this case.  It has to be punishable by more than just fines, I should hope.

  • Sean

    That is just plain creepy. If my wife received a call like that she would be on the phone to our lawyer within minutes of hanging up on the jerk. 

  • Mimsey

    The scumbags of the world end up in all sorts of jobs, but why is it that so many of them seem to go the debt collector route? Demanding sex to pay a bill sounds more like a 2-bit movie plot than a business doing its daily tasks. This debt collector should lose his job.

  • Anonymous

    My mouth is hanging open in shock. I think this is an example of these guys thinking they can do whatever they want and can’t be touched, legally. I hope he spends time in jail.

  • Anonymous

    Well, the guy who left that message is an idiot and deserves everything he has coming to him. I would love to know how he was planning to make that debt “dissappear” though.

  • Anonymous

    That’s one of the craziest stories related to debt collection I have ever heard. I would love to follow this story to see what kind of punishment he receives.

  • MaybeNot

    I find it incredible that today, with all the phone recording, cameras and legislation out there that someone in the debt collecting industry would think himself safe enough to demand sex as a means of erasing debt. Why do they let such people work in agencies to start with?

  • sellmore

    Wow, that dude is an idiot.  I wish they were all so stupid as to leave messages like that as they would be easily prosecuted.  He doesn’t even need to be tried under fair credit laws as that is a criminal offense everywhere except possibly Nevada.

  • Anonymous

    This surprises me 100%. Why would anyone leave a message like that with a phone #? They are asking to be sued. This is illegal in more then 1 way! Harrasment and verbal abuse are both illegal when trying to collect a debt. I have never heard of the FDCPA before but I hope it is clear enough and this man is fired and brought up on criminal charges. I wonder how many other people he has tried this with?