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Asset Acceptance Pays Nearly 3 Cents Per Dollar to Control $2 Billion in Consumer Debt

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Asset Acceptance Capital Corp. (NASDAQ: AACC), the parent company of the increasingly familiar “Asset Acceptance, LLC,” is a publicly-traded junk debt buyer located in Warren, Michigan.  Through its predecessors, it has been in existence in one form or another since 1962.  Asset Acceptance is one of the few debt collection agencies where ownership can be [...]

Asset Acceptance Calls a Consumer a Fat Motherfucker While Trying to Collect Debt NJ Plaintiff Says

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Asset Acceptance to be judged by a jury. Dopey Asset Acceptance, a debt collector, cannot hide behind procedure to exclude from evidence a voicemail that captured it accusing a consumer of being a “fat motherfucker.” A consumer filed a lawsuit in the federal court of New Jersey alleging that Asset Acceptance violated the Fair Debt [...]

Asset Acceptance Alleged to Be Responsible for the Egregious Debt Collection Acts of PARC

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Nast Debt Collectors Make Financial Problems Worse

A civilian defense contractor dependent on her continued security clearances was subjected to abusive debt collection by Premium Asset Recovery Corporation (PARC) and false credit reporting, a federal lawsuit alleges.  PARC alleged the defense contractor owed a mistaken sum of money to a hospital that should have been paid by her employer’s workers compensation policy.  [...]